Auto Rates

Vehicle (new and used)

Boats, trailers, and campers (titled and registered)

New Auto                   3.59%  (up to 72mths)

Newer used 17-18 3.79% (up to 72months)

Used Auto 2014-16   4.39%  (up to 60mths)

Used 2011-2013         4.89% (up to 48mths)

Older Auto                  6.69%(up to36mths)

Recreational New      4.49% (up to60mths)

Used                           6.19%  (up to 48mths)


Personal Loans

Deposit Secured       3.59%

Unsecured                9.99%  (up to $5000)

All rates subject to change.

Basic restrictions apply.


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